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Henan Yuke Glass Technology Co., LTD. is a professional manufacturer mainly engaged in Glass Frosting Line, the Glass Frosting Line from Henan Yuke is professional enough and has won the reputation in the industry. The Glass Frosting Line improve the production efficiency, reduce the labor intensity, cut the cost down obviously, and prohibit the waste gas overflowing. Welcome contact us if you have any question about the Glass Frosting Line.

Glass Frosting Line Introduction


  Glass Frosting Line, taking the chemical frosting technology mechanically, improve the production efficiency, reduce the labor intensity, cut the cost down obviously, and prohibit the waste gas overflowing, which ensure the safety in production, reduce the harm for workers; what is more important, it can meet the requirement on good quality in large scale frosted glass production. The Glass Frosting Line is fit for all glass containers frosted glass production, such as wine bottles, cosmetic glass bottles, etc. The specification of the Glass Frosting Line can be designed based on customers' glass products and their requirement on daily productivity, etc.

Glass Frosting Line Application: 


Glass Frosting Line is applicable to the frosting processing of wine bottles, cosmetics bottles, and other glass containers. Besides, it can turn out customized products according to customers’ needs.

Cooperative Partner


During the years, we have cooperated with many countries, such as the India, Chile, Guinea etc. Our company almost trade with all continents. All of them depend on the automatic frosting line to produce the production, our frosting line has high quality and our company have the best service.

Best Choice


1.The Glass Frosting Line designed according to the customers' products size and daily output .


2.Share the latest marketing information with costumers.


3.Provide the free technology instruction.


4.We can help our customers seizing the market by the new frosted effect.


5.Technical exchanges will be hold once a year.


6. We can provide the customized development service.

Company Profile


Founded in 1995, the headquarter of Henan City Yuke Glass Technology Co., LTD. is located in Zhengzhou, Henan,China. It is a High-Tech enterprise mainly in research, production and sales of YK glass frosting powder, automatic etching machine and AG glass.

In the passed 20 years developing history, Yuke won the honor of “Zhengzhou Glass Screen Engineering Technology R&D Center”, “ Innovative Pilot Enterprise in Henan  Province”, obtained SME Technology Innovation Fund from China Ministry of Screen & Technology in 2014.

With the independent research ability, Yuke own its R&D center. Yuke provided tailored service for world famous enterprises, such as Corning from United States, Schott from Germany, Changyu, Wuliangye, Gujinggong in China. Yuke has already become the leading supplier of etching technology solution in China.

Nowadays, with the globalized view, open thinking and innovative spirit, insisting in the strategy of “branding, customizing and globalizing”, grounded on self-independent & innovation, effort on stronger and better, YUKE is striding forward to its aim—Global cause & Center Yuke.

Room601,Houhai Apartment,Dihu garden,Hanghai West Road,Zhengzhou,China,



Henan Yuke Glass Technology Co., LTD is High -Teach enterprise mainly engaged in glass frosting powder and Automatic Frosting Line with 20 years experience. During  produce Frosting Powder and Automatic Frosting Line. we inist on persistently innovating and strengthening our products, manufacturing first-class products for glass frosting powder world. If you want to know more information about the Automatic Frosting Line and  and glass frosting powder, welcome to contact us .


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