HZS75 medium concrete mixing plant Picture

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HZS75 Medium Concrete Mixing Plant


HZS75 medium concrete mixing plant is a concrete mixing equipment designed by our company with exquisite craft design and drawing on the advanced manufacturing experience of foreign countries. The whole station has the advantages of high mixing quality, stirring strength, environmental protection and safety, and is the user's concrete production. Preferred equipment.

HZS75 medium concrete mixing plant Picture

Advanced technology:

The HZS75 medium concrete mixing plant has the following advantages:

1. Gantry pentahedron machining center

The production of the mixing machine adopts the industry's outstanding gantry-type pentahedron machining center, which makes the machine's concentricity and precision reach a new height;

2. Heat treatment center

The introduction of Sino-Japanese joint venture heat treatment equipment greatly increases the life and hardness of the mixing unit parts;

3.ERP remote fault diagnosis

Advanced GPS/GPRS technology for remote technical troubleshooting such as fault diagnosis and historical inquiry;

4. Computer self-healing system

A special customized computer system for the concrete mixing industry, with self-healing function, is more secure and stable.


1.Mixing system

The mixing system is composed of electric motor, belt conveyor, reducer, mixing tank, mixing device, transmission system, oil supply system etc. The mixing machine adopts JS1500 twin-shaft forced mixer, which is suitable for concrete with aggregate particle size less than or equal to 80mm.

2, Metering system

The mixing plant equipment adopts the weighing system of PLD seriers concrete batching machine, which consists of storage hopper, weighing hopper and transportation mechanism. The weighing system of powder, water and admixture is composed of weighing hopper and sensor respectively, and the weighing control is completed by the control system.

3. Feeding system

Aggregate supply system. This part is composed of the feeding mechanism and weighing system of concrete batching machine, and can be equipped with three kinds of aggregates.

Powder supply system. This part consists of cement silo and cement screw conveyor. The cement is directly transported from the cement silo through the screw conveyor to the cement weighing hopper for metering.

4.Electrical control system

HZS75 mixing station equipment electrical control system is mainly composed of console and AC contactor as the core of the strong electric control, the complete system is installed in the control room, can complete the automatic, semi-automatic control of the whole process of batching, lifting, mixing, unloading production .

5.Pneumatic system

The air source is supplied by the W-1.0/10 type air compressor, and the mirror filtered water and the refueled air enter the branches through the air separation bag. The gas path is divided into aggregate feeding, mixer discharging, cement discharging, cement silo breaking, and admixture stirring.

HZS75 medium concrete mixing plant Picture

Technical Parameters:

HZS75 medium concrete mixing plant





Theoretical   productivity

60   m³/h

75   m³/h

90   m³/h

Mixing   host




Mixing   host power




Maximum   aggregate size

Gravel   60mm   Pebble 80mm

Cement   screw pump


Feeding   method

Electric   feeding

Batching   machine




Aggregate   metering


Cement   metering




Water   (flow metering)


Feeding   height


Discharge   height

3.8m    Pneumatic discharge

Dimensions   (L X W X H)

11690   X5000 X10000

7010   X7860 X12000

9645   X3436X9700

Cement   silo

100T   With corresponding legs

60T   With corresponding legs

60T   With corresponding legs

Total   power




Feed   capacity




Discharge   capacity

1 m³

1.5   m³

1.5   m³

Control   mode

Semi-automatic,   manual

Work   cycle time




HZS75 medium concrete mixing plant Picture

Our service for HZS75 medium concrete mixing plant:

Pre-sale service

1.Assiste customers to select the suitable type of mixer

2.Designe and manufacture products according to the special requirements of customers.

3.Engineers and technicians go to the place of users to design the workshop, the best process and project for the users

In- sale service

1. Inspection and acceptance of mixer equipment.

2. Assist customers to draw up construction plans.

After-sales service

1. Organize, coordinate and implement after-sales service for users who order equipment.

2. Organize relevant departments of the company to collect customer feedback, formulate implementation plans in time and solve practical problems of customers.

3. More than 40 professional technical after-sales service personnel stationed abroad for long-term customers tracking service.

4. Provide spares parts and other accessories for users in time.


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