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Kinglyacid Liquid (Acidifier Liquid)

Liquid Acidifier for Poultry

Kinglyacid,is an acidifying agent, balanced, synergistic and highly concentrated combination of organic acids and copper. It exerts its action by rapidly reducing the pH in drinking water and does not affect water consumption.

The acidification of water-and with it the intestinal environment -inhibits the growth of pathogenic bacteria, molds and yeasts and improves the digestion of proteins. Copper plays an important role in different metabolic processes and also has a bactericidal effect. Kinglyacid offers an optimal medium for proper digestion and inhibits the development of pathogenic bacteria in the water and intestine of animals. 

Stress and water hygiene have an important influence on animal health. Stress decreases the secretion of acid in the stomach and leads to a reduction in protein digestion. Water hygiene needs attention because of its bacteriological contamination and that of the intestinal flora, resulting in problems such as diarrhea,higher feed conversion rate, less uniformity and pathological processes.

The Application of KINGLY ACID in breeder

1.Improves eggs quality

Increases egg weight, reduces egg breaking rate, mortality and elimination rate, supports fertility, laying percentage, and hatch-ability.

2. Acidification and dredging the water pipe

The product is compounded with a strong osmotic factor.It can acidify drinking water and prevent the formation of biofilm, remove all kinds of residual substances in the water pipe and also don’t block the nipples.

3.Safe and gentle to your hands

We do not use inorganic acids with low physiological effects.The product is mild, safe and less corrosive, and safe as vinegar.

4.Killing bacterial and high-buffer capacity

After 1000 times dilution of drinking water, 99.2% of the bacteria were purified,and the pH value keep at 4.0.

5.Provide energy and anti-stress

Compounding short chain fatty acids and their salts, which can directly participate in physiological metabolism, and provide rapid emergency energy and anti-stress.

6.Positive influence on the intestinal flora

Regulating the intestinal micro ecological environment, proliferating intestinal probiotics, and effective against pathogenic bacteria like E. coli


1.breeding period,maturation period and laying period

0.05-0.1% (neutral and below neutral water quality)

0.1-0.15% (weakly alkaline)

Use 2-3 times a week

6-8 hours each time

Or use half a day every afternoon

2.Half month before and after egg production


3.Transfer group, heat stress


Continue to use for one week

4.Before vaccine immunization


Night before immunization, soaking overnight and cleaning the water pipe.

The Application of KINGLY ACID in layer

1.Killing bacterial and purifying water

Sterilization.Reduces the physiological diarrhoea,bacterial diarrhoea,water stool and feed stool of layers,and improves the blood calcium concentration and eggshell strength of layer.

2. Dredging the water pipe

Acidifier drinking water can also play a role in cleaning water pipe, purifying water quality, preventing nipple clogging. It can also ensure the layers drinking water normally, reduce the loss of thirsty layers and the cost of manually cleaning water pipe.

3.Promoting the absorption of calcium and phosphorus

The higher content of phosphoric acid in acidifier has a good effect on improving the absorption of minerals, promoting eggshell formation and calcium deposition in layers.

4.Regulating blood pH and avoid respiratory alkalosis.

The blood pH of layer is generally between 7.3---7.4 and the function of lungs and kidneys is to regulate the body's balance.When stress occurs, excessive excitement causes shortness of breath, leading to loss of carbon dioxide and the content of alkali in the blood is lowered, and the pH value is increased. This situation becomes more serious, it is called respiratory alkalosis, also called hypocapnia. Acidifiers can avoid this situation.


1.First use

Layer (assuming for the first time at 35 days of age) needs to be made up of 1-2% at night, filled with pipelines, soaked for 6-8 hours (turn off the lights).On the second day, discharging the dirty water in the early morning. After cleaning for two times, layer can drink water normally or continuously for 6-8 hours with 0.1% of the KINGLY ACID acid water.

2. Vacant period

Empty the remaining water of the water pipe and then fill the water pipe with 0.2-0.3% acidifier solution. Until the layer enter the hen house, empty the water line and wash with clean water.

3. After the first eating medicine--8 weeks old

After the first taking medicine,using 0.1% acidifier solution once every 3 days for 6 to 8 hours until they are turned into the hen house.

(Prevent layer intestinal diseases and increase their weight and evenness)

4.8 weeks old ~ 1 to 2 weeks before the start of production

Use once every 3-4 days, add acidifier 0.05-0.1%,and drink it for 6-8 hours each time. (keep the water pipe clean)

5.One week before the start of production ~ the peak of egg production

Use once every 2-3 days, add acidifier 0.1% , drink 6-8 hours each time.(Stabilize the production performance and reduce medication)

6.After the peak of egg production ~ elimination

Use once a week, add acidifier 0.05-0.1%,drink it for 6-8 hours each time. (Stabilize production performance, reduce medication, maintain the water clean, keep the water pipe unblocked, and prolong production cycles)

7.Resist heat stress

Using in high temperature seasons, it can slow down the decrease of feed intake and performance of laying hens.If the temperature of the house exceeds 30℃, start at 9-10 am every day, add acidifier 0.2%, drinking about 6-8 hours.

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