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The Performance Of Granite Stone

granite stone has compact structure, high compressive strength, low water absorption, high surface hardness, good chemical stability, strong durability, but poor fire resistance.

granite stone has fine, medium and coarse granular structure or plaque-like structure. Its granules are uniform and fine, with small clearance (porosity is generally 0.3%-0.7%) and low water absorption (water absorption is generally 0.15%-0.46%). It has good frost resistance.

The hardness of granite stone is high, its frictional hardness is about 6, its density is between 2.63 g/cm3 and 2.75 g/cm3, and its compressive strength is 100-300 MPa. The fine granite can be up to 300 MPa, and its bending strength is generally between 10 and 30 Mpa. granite stone is often produced in the form of bedrock, rock stocks, rock blocks, and controlled by regional tectonics. Generally, granite stone is relatively large in scale and widely distributed, so it is convenient to mining, easy to produce large materials, and its joint development is regular, conducive to the mining of regular shape of the stone.

The Characteristics Of Granite Stone

granite stone is beautiful, durable and very hard. In ancient times, if there were perfect mining, processing equipment and technology, it must be more popular than marble.

granite stone often contains other minerals, such as amphibole and mica, and presents a variety of colors, including brown, green, red and common black. Because it crystallizes slowly, its crystals interweave like magic cube.

So it's very hard. It is as durable as a house, not detritus, hard to scratch, and not afraid of high temperature. No matter color or light, as long as there are some common sense of conservation, it will not fade or darken. He is almost free of contamination, polished to a high gloss, and the impurities brought about by all kinds of weather can hardly adhere.

Terms And Services

1,Price terms:FOB, CIF, CNF

2,Payment terms:By T/T 30% deposit and the balance paid before shippment.

3,Loading port:China Port.

4,MOQ: 1x2ft container,sample order is negotiable.

5,Package: Fumigated seaworthy wooden crates or pallets.

6,Delivery : Within 15-20 days,depengs on customers' order quantity.

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