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The pickup truck in Qatar is a vehicle that uses front wheels, taxis and convertible cars. It is characterized by its comfortable body and power saving, bringing convenience to people. And the ability to load and adapt to the road surface worse than the car.

The Characteristics Of Qatar Pickup

compared with cars, it has the advantages of loading and passing.

compared with light truck and micro card, it has the advantages of safety and riding comfort.

Our Advantages

1.Sponsored by the Chinese government, Zhengzhou Dongfeng Motor Industry Imp.&Exp. Co., Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of China's Dongfeng Automotive Industry Import and Export Co., Ltd with abundant funds both in domestic currency and foreign currency.

2.Located in Henan Province, which serves as a transportation hub, Zhengzhou Dongfeng enjoys geographical advantage.

3.With professional team and abundant vehicle import & export trade experience, Zhengzhou Dongfeng covers comprehensive business such as car import business, car export business, logistics business etc..

4.Zhengzhou Dongfeng’s products for export are provided by Nissan, which is of high quality and enjoys complete after-sale services.

5.Zhengzhou Dongfeng has such abundant resources as high-quality logistics personnel, customs broker and stable partners in overseas transportation.

The Benefits Of buying Qatar Pickup

The benefits of Qatar pickup are undoubtedly large space, high chassis, strong cargo carrying capacity, cross-country performance, cool and bullying to drive, as a small boss with practical needs, that is just right.

The good news is that many cities have abolished the Qatar pickup ban, and the door spray and reflective stripes are not needed. If your city has not yet released the policy, it can turn Qatar pickup into SUV.

The Introduction Of Qatar Pickup

Qatar pickup is an important part of the automobile market. Qatar pickup is a type of car that uses a car front and cab and an open freight car. It is characterized by car-like comfort, without loss of power, and than the car's load and the ability to adapt to poor road surface. The most common type of Qatar pickup is double row seat Qatar pickup. Qatar pickup can be used as a special vehicle, multi-purpose vehicle, business vehicle, business vehicle, but also as a household car, used for cargo, tourism, rental and other uses. The so-called "Qatar pickup" is a hybrid of cars and trucks. With the expansion of retrofitted enthusiasts, Qatar pickup modification has increasingly become a favorite category for retrofitting enthusiasts. Qatar pickup sells well in the US.

The Market Of Qatar Pickup

Since this year, the commercial vehicle market is better than the passenger car market, especially in the Qatar pickup market, the growth rate is higher than the former. Since the negative growth rate was changed to the positive growth rate last year, this year continues the two-digit positive growth rate, its market prospects are very good. According to this good inertia, it is expected that the market will continue to develop at a positive growth rate of 2 digits next year, which is determined by favorable policies, incremental demand for market segmentation and diversification of products.

Our Service

1.We will arrange overseas sellers to provide you services according to your district after receiving your enquiries; 

2.Our overseas sellers introduce products according to your requirements; 

3.Our overseas sellers will confirm the products you want to purchase; 

4.After negotiating such matters as prices, terms of trade etc., we will sign a contract; 

5.We will arrange production and delivery after collecting the payments. 

To sum up, the main introduction of our Qatar pickup, this Qatar pickup is good performance, driving comfortable, the company continues to use technological innovation to create value for customers. The company produces and sells products that conform to the national emission regulations. Sincerely invite friends of the car to consult and order. Thank you.

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