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Laizhou Kingstone Co., Ltd is a company specializing in the production of countertop. Today is mainly for you to introduce countertop. If you have any need for countertop, you are welcome to inquire.


countertop is a professional term for billiards, including a bag or a tablecloth. countertop includes countertop stone and Taiwan. The flatness of countertop is directly determined by the quality of the slab. In the 1980s and 1990s, half of the slabs were made of marble. Later, due to various disadvantages of marble, they were gradually eliminated. Later, the slab was used as the main material. However, the slab belongs to sedimentary rock, which is easy to crack and will be caused by local lower limit after perpetuation. The green slate can not meet the requirements of billiards fans to play ball games. countertop is divided into artificial stone countertop, quartz stone countertop, stainless steel table and so on.

Natural Stone Countertop:

Concept: mainly imported marble, granite material, it is a potential development in China, fashionable, and have a sense of design mesa.

Advantages: Pure natural stone, pattern harmony and beauty, luster and soft, texture ever-changing, have the feeling of returning to nature. The whole stone can be carved, luxurious bathtub, washbasin, basin, countertop and various decorations, with practical and decorative features.

It has high hardness, scratch resistance, abrasion resistance, high temperature resistance and environmental protection.

Disadvantages: hardness is too large, it is not easy to repair after injury.

Stainless steel countertop:

Advantages: hardness, firmness, practicability, cleanliness, corrosion resistance and anti penetration.

Disadvantages: it is not suitable for the particularity of civil kitchen pipeline crossing.

Countertop Characteristics

Advantages: Artificial stone is more wear-resistant, acid-resistant, high temperature resistance, impact, compression, bending, anti-permeability and other functions are also strong. Its deformation, adhesion, bending and other parts of the treatment has unique; colorful, integral shape, and can be repeatedly polished and renovated. Therefore, the anti-fouling force is strong, because the surface has no pores, oil stains, water stains are not easy to infiltrate them, general stains can be wiped off with wet cloth or detergent; can be arbitrary length seamless bonding, with the material of the adhesive will be two pieces of bonding after polishing, integral, no trace at the seam.

Disadvantages: Naturalness is obviously inadequate, texture is relatively false; the price is higher, even seamless man-made stone can not withstand metal and other sharp "scratch". And because of its different processing technology, quality is also divided into 369, so in the selection of a better reputation, service assured brand.

Selection Techniques

countertop has domestic and import points, so the price has a certain extent.

Quartz stone price is generally higher than man-made stone, the buyer as far as possible according to their own appearance requirements, use habits, consumption level to choose.

In particular, pay attention to the scratch resistance of the table, and the artificial stone is easier to scrape than the quartz stone.

Appearance, artificial stone can be seamless connection, and quartz stone can not, the buyer should be based on the shape of their own cabinet to do the corresponding consideration.

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