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Laizhou Stone and Stone Company, mainly engaged in granite, roadside stone, mesa, platform, and granite pebbles, large production, rich in mineral resources, want to know the details of granite cobblestones for sale, please feel free to contact us.

The Advantages Of Granite Cobblestones

1) durable. It is non fading, corrosion resistant, weathering resistant, high strength, frost resistance and good impermeability.

2) green and environmental protection. No odor, sound absorption, fire prevention, heat insulation, no poison, no pollution, no radioactivity.

3) dustproof and self cleaning function: treated by water proofing agent, it is not easy to stick dust, and it can clean itself as rain and rain.

4) the installation is simple and the cost is saved. It does not need to be riveted on the wall and can be pasted directly. The installation cost is only 1/3 of natural stone.

5) can be more selective. The style and color are various, and the collocation is very effective.

The Characteristics Of Granite Cobblestones

The content of natural marble, the main material of granite cobblestones, is over 92%. It not only retains the noble and elegant characteristics of natural stone, but also has the characteristics of gorgeous color, uniform color, high finish and good air permeability. Therefore, its texture and decorative effect can be compared with natural marble and natural granite.

Terms And Services Of Granite Cobblestones

1,Price terms:FOB, CIF, CNF

2,Payment terms:By T/T 30% deposit and the balance paid before shippment.

3,Loading port:China Port.

4,MOQ: 1x2ft container,sample order is negotiable.

5,Package: Fumigated seaworthy wooden crates or pallets.

6,Delivery : Within 15-20 days,depengs on customers' order quantity.

Material Requirements Of Granite Cobblestones

granite cobblestones stones are machined with natural stones of uniform texture. The strength of the stones must be qualified. The stones should be uniform in color, no cracks on the surface, complete in edges and corners, uniform in appearance, no obvious spots and color difference. Please do not bump or bump during loading and unloading to avoid damage.

Our Service

1). Delivery - punctuality

Your time is very expensive. We can't afford to waste it.

2) free stone samples

OK, let's start. We will provide free samples of small size to test our quality.

3). Quality - Strict control of the quality system to ensure that quality achieves the overall goal: 1% of the quality defects are 100% of the disaster users.

Our quality control terms will check every product for you.

We will take pictures of every procedure, packaging and loading for you.

4). Our sales and service team, the most powerful staff and team, is a timely answer.

Excellent sales and service teams can help you save more cost and time, coupled with our expertise, you can easily get the right product competitiveness.

Performance Characteristics Of Granite Cobblestones

granite cobblestones is mainly used for cement and stone products, roadside stone with beautiful, wear-resistant, compressive, alkali-resistant, acid-resistant and other characteristics. It has excellent physical and chemical properties, anti-pollution, weathering, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali, not affected by season and geography. It can be cut into strips and inserted on the edge of the sidewalk, which is beautiful and durable.

The Specification Of Granite Cobblestones

G341 granite cobblestones

Light price

Machine cutting all

Uniform colors, best characters.

Directly from the quarry owner.

Company Information

Laizhou Golden Stone Co., Ltd. is located in Laizhou, the largest stone basement in northern China. It was founded in 2007. It is the main manufacturer and exporter of all kinds of natural stone products in China. It has a quarry and three processing plants. We have advanced processing equipment, professional workers and experienced quality inspectors, have implemented a comprehensive management and quality control system to meet industrial standards and customer expectations. You can consult us whenever you have any questions about granite cobblestones for sale.

If you are interested in your company, would like to know our granite cobblestones for sale consultation, sincerely welcome domestic and foreign businessmen to come to guide sightseeing, business negotiations.

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